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The division, through its departments, staff, and volunteers, represents the University with the highest standards of excellence in education and service to a variety of public.

Office Location and Contact Information:
Mary Dromgoole
Interim Director
Office of Advancement Services
Erastus Milo Cravath Hall, Second Floor
Tel: 615-329-8856

Traveria Evans Class of 2020, W.E.B DuBois Honor Program

We are Fisk.

In the 8th grade after attending a “Black College Tour” I knew that Fisk was where I wanted to begin my journey. Being on such a small campus gave me the opportunity to form relationships with my professors and other faculty that have been essential to my academic and professional growth. I selected Fisk not only because of the history of the University but because of the intimacy and the familial aspect that I witnessed the first time I stepped foot on the campus. I understood that a liberal arts education from Fisk would foster my dedication to improving my scholarship and leadership skills.